About the Old Mission Hop Exchange

The Old Mission Hop Exchange was conceived in 2007 by local farmers who recognized the emerging need for locally grown, sustainable hops to serve the craft brewing industry of Northern Michigan.



Our Capabilities


Our Location

The Old Mission Peninsula is located in Traverse City, Michigan and is surrounded on three sides by Grand Traverse Bay. The peninsula is most
well known for the delicious fruit and award winning wines and the area has a rich farming history. Much of the farmland on the Peninsula including our properties are held in a land conservancy that ensures the agricultural heritage of the area for future generations.

The Old Mission Hop Exchange oversees the growth and quality assurance, plus marketing practices of acres of hops grown throughout the Old Mission Peninsula. We work with other farmers and grow our own hops to offer premium hops which are then processed at our facilities. We are the only full-scale hops processing facility in Michigan.


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